A True Look At The Human Butt

Welcome to Butt-Up.Net. My purpose here is very simple, I think there isn’t enough information around on about exercising your butt and thighs to get them to the shape that you want. My name is Dr. Parker and I’ve been working in the physical development department of a large university (can’t name it for legal reasons) for over 20 years. I have helped many athletes develop their physiological programs and also helped many ordinary people like you and me who want to shape their body to their desired form. I am more than confident that I can help you with providing the right information here to help you develop the rear-end that you want. I am not very good with developing websites so you have to forgive me for the rather plain website. I do however promise that the content is some of the best you can find on the internet bar none.

One thing that really pisses me off is that the cloud of confusion and nonsense that surrounds the development, toning and maintenance of the lower half of the body. I believe that there are far too many misinformed idiots out there that really make it harder than it is for the average Joe to get informed about his butt and leg development to the point that almost everyone is confused and not sure how to proceed. I hope that by starting this website that everyone can get informed about the RIGHT way to develop your lower body.

The thing is that the information is actually quite easy to understand yet so many experts simply keep it from the general public so they can charge a “consultation fee” and seem like some sort of guru. I’ll have none that that BS. With the internet I’ll just provide the information for free so you can learn how to get the best results yourself. Just make sure you read everything here properly so you can get the best possible knowledge of your butt and legs before proceeding with developing a plan.

The Constituency of the Butt

The right name for the butt is actually the buttocks. The butt consists of muscles, fatty deposits and also the slightly thicker skin on the outside of the butt. When it comes to muscles, there are only three main muscle groups that exist near the butt area; these are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. We will go into the details of each muscle group in our Explanation of Butt Muscles section.

The butt also consists of a higher than average amount of fat which serves as a pad for which primates including humans are able to sit upright on. It is normal that females generally always have more fat on their butt areas compared to males as this is primarily the affect of fat distribution patterns determined by genes, hormones and also other gender factors. Although most people think that the amount of fat in their butts can’t be changed or even molded to how you want, I have proven that it is indeed possible. We will discuss this further in the Overview of Butt Fat section.

In addition to the fat and the muscles that make up the butt, we must also pay attention to the skin which envelopes the butt. The skin around the butt is different to the skin that we have on other parts of our bodies firstly because it has to be strong enough in order for us and primates alike to sit on for long periods of time and also be elastic enough that changes in the muscle and fat content do not adversely affect the shape of the butt overtime. We will cover the specialize nature of the butt skin in our Overview of Butt Skin section.

The Role of Genetics

As you might have guessed your genetic make-up will play a very large role in how your butt and thighs will form and also how well they will adapt to changes in diet and exercise. Some races are gifted in the butt muscle development area while some other races will have a very hard time developing that area but will have an easier time a toning and smoothing the butt and thigh contours.

In addition to how your butt and thighs will perform to certain exercise and diet regiments, the consistency of you butt will is also highly dependant on your genetic make-up. If you are born of a certain race of parents you can almost always be sure that you will be predisposed to certain conditions and butt shapes with certain boundaries in terms of fat/muscle/skin ratios that can’t be modified. For example if you have and African heritage then you will almost always have more muscles and thicker skin on your buttocks compared to people who are of Indo-Chinese heritage who generally have more fat on their behinds.

We have provided a more detailed look into the role that genetics plays in butt and thigh development in our Genetics: The Butt Make-up section.

Although genetics have a large part to play in how you butt develops naturally you can take an active stance and change the consistency and appearance of you butt by following certain dietary and exercise regimes which I will discuss further in the diets and exercise sections.

Body Types

For our discussion here we will stick to the body classification mastered by psychologist William Herbert Sheldon. He proposed that there are 3 main body types, namely the Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. Each of these body types have different levels of metabolism and physical structures which would mean that the development of the butt and thighs will be distinctly different for each type. It is vitally important that you know which type of body you have and train accordingly.  When trying to define what body type that you have, you must look at your current situation to decide. No one is born with a certain body type and keeps it for life. Depending on your level of activity and how you live your body type will follow. Below are the definitions of the body types:

Endomorph: An endomorphic individual is one who has a larger frame and has an easier time putting on weight than loosing weight. Endomorphs normally have a larger waistline and are predisposed to accumulating fat especially if they do not work out regularly. For more details on endomorph body type and how it affects your butt development visit our Endomorphic Butt Development page.

Mesomorph: An mesomorphic individual is one with a large frame and a muscular body with limited fat. These individuals have bodies that look similar to athletes or soldiers. They are characterized by having very solid torsos and correct shoulder to hip ratios. For more details on mesomorph body type and how it affects your butt development visit our Mesomorphic Butt Development page.

Ectomorph: An ectomorph is an individual with a small frame and very small muscles with a low fat content. These individuals find it hard to put on weight (both muscular and fat) and can very easily loose weight. These individuals are normally referred to as either slim or skinny. For more details on ectomorph body type and how it affects your butt development visit our Ectomorphic Butt Development page.

Diets for Butt Development

As with the development of any part of the body, keeping a good diet is vitally important to getting the results that you want. There are no ways around it, only through the use of proper exercise and dieting will you get the results that you want. Naturally there are different diets for different goals for your butt and thigh development which we will cover in the following sections:

- Diets to Slimmer Butt and Thighs;

- Diets to Reduce Fat Content in Butt;

- Diets to Enhance the Curvature of the Butt;

- Diets to Reduce Curvature of the Butt;

- Diets to Enhance Muscle Tone in Butt;

- Diets for Cellulite Reduction;

- Diets for Clearing Skin in Butt Area.

Exercise for Butt Development

As we explained, dieting and exercise must go hand-in-hand in order for the butt development goals that you have to materialize. Ignoring one or the other will severely hamper your but development goals and as such you will never reach your real potential and end up feeling let down. Below we have listed the types of exercise that you should be doing for the different goals you have in mind.

- Exercises to Slimmer Butt and Thighs;

- Exercises to Reduce Fat Content in Butt;

- Exercises to Enhance the Curvature of the Butt;

- Exercises to Reduce Curvature in Butt;

- Exercises to Enhance Muscle Tone in Butt;

- Exercises for Cellulite Reduction;

- Exercises for Clearing Skin in Butt Area



More people concentrate on the look of their butt than many people think. The perfect example of this are Hollywood stars who in addition to the many hours they spend on the rest of their body also devote a good amount of time shaping their butts to just the right shape.

The butt is one of the strongest muscles in the body but is rarely given any exercise. This is true for even those who will happily spend hours a day in the gym working on the rest of their bodies.  A simple program for the legs and back aren't enough to develop the butt. For the best results it is best to offer the butt its own exercise regime and program.

There are so many types of butts out there that there is no one beautiful standard that can encompass all. It is for that reason that each person must have their own image of what their butt should be and work towards it.